Time to break eggs

Greece cannot afford and it should by no means have to go through yet another period of political instability. It is inconceivable that the country could enter a fresh cycle of political instability because of the government’s decision to – temporarily – shut down national broadcaster ERT.

The three-party coalition government must push on with the necessary reforms that will tilt the cash-strapped country back onto the track of growth. If this is to happen, of course, the government will have to break some eggs too. It would also mean that the three political leaders involved in the power-sharing administration would have to leave their old partisan habits behind.

Neither the same old foot-dragging nor a new general election are remedies for the country’s problems. The only path open to the government trio, as well as to the nation, is the path of stability and determination.

This is something that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras appears to have finally grasped. Hopefully, his partners in the coalition will do the same.