April 1, 1953

KOREAN WAR: London, 31 – Hostilities in Korea have ceased, pending negotiations for a ceasefire while a meeting of the UN General Assembly has been called. Proposals by Chinese Prime Minister Chou En-lai have been sent to the UN. North Korean Prime Minister Kim Il Sung officially confirmed that he is adopting the Chinese ceasefire plan. The leader of the UN Soviet delegation, Mr Vyzinsky, restricted himself to the comment, «The situation is already clear.» PAPAGOS AND USSR: Greek Prime Minister Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, in a interview with The Associated Press, gave his views on the Kremlin’s recent «conciliatory» actions. Prime Minister Papagos asked Russia to show the West his intentions through actions, not words. At the same time, he stressed that Greece would not relax its political or military vigilance. KARAMANLIS: During yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, the public works minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, gave a lengthy report on the question of the water company’s contract and the amendment approved by the previous (Plastiras) government extending the company’s privileges until 1984. (…) Mr Karamanlis then embarked on a review of this (amendment), saying that a long-term effort had been positive thanks to the contribution by US Ambassador John Peurifoy and the embassy’s economic counselor Mr Terkel. (…) On Mr Karamanlis’s recommendation, the Cabinet ratified the act extending the contract to 1984.