April 1- 3, 1953

KARAMANLIS: During yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, the public works minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, gave a lengthy report on the question of the water company’s contract and the amendment approved by the previous (Plastiras) government extending the company’s privileges until 1984. (…) Mr Karamanlis then embarked on a review of this (amendment), saying that long-lasting efforts had borne fruit, thanks to the contribution made by the US ambassador, Mr John Peurifoy, and the embassy’s economic counselor, Mr Terkel. (…) On the public works minister’s recommendation, the Cabinet ratified the act, extending the contract to the year 1984. EXPLOSIVE INFORMATION: There was a brazen communist outburst yesterday at 8.30 p.m., when people passing by Klafthmonos Square in central Athens were shaken by a strong blast from behind the florists’ stands, where later proclamations printed by the Communist Party were found. The proclamations were scattered about by the explosion of the metal container they were in, to which fireworks had been tied. The proclamations contained the usual communist slogans protesting at the execution of Nikos Beloyiannis and a sketch of the executed traitor, which the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso had drawn from photographs.