April 4, 1953

GREEK PRISONERS: Patras, 3 – A person holding a responsible position in politics (Ed. note: an obvious reference to Foreign Minister Stephanos Stephanopoulos) made a speech intimating that Greece, following the example of France and Britain, should make a demarche to the Russian government asking for the return of over 3,000 Greek soldiers abducted by the bandits and held behind the Iron Curtain. The same person stressed that if a decision was made not to do so, it still might be hoped that this question could be settled favorably. Greece would also have sought, through the same diplomatic channels, the repatriation of 28,000 Greek children currently living in Cominform countries, but it likely would have met with serious obstacles. SUPERFICIAL EXISTENTIALISM: Two groups of existentialists got into a fight at a club on Panepistimiou Street. The official group’s members were bearded, while members of the unofficial group wore weird pyjamas. Fortunately, the outcome of the fight was not serious, but strong words were exchanged. YIANNIS KORDATOS: New books: «The Rise and Fall of Byzantium» by Yiannis Kordatos. This new edition is a major historical study, chiefly of sociological interest, covering the foundation of the Byzantine Empire up until the fall of Constantinople. Karavakos Publications, Athens, 1953.