‘Hypocritical protesters’

I am curious to know where all these so-called anti-war protesters, the majority of whom are organized by leftist groups, were when their beloved Russia was invading Afghanistan back in 1979. I can’t quite recall seeing Ms Papariga, Mr Florakis, the unions protesting war, against their beloved Russia. What a bunch of hypocrites. It’s amazing that 100,000 Greeks can instantly gather to protest war, but don’t have the slightest organizational skills when it comes to well, let’s see, the economy, business, government, sport, Olympic venue preparations. It drizzles a little bit and the roads wash away and we’re concerned about the war on Iraq. I don’t know, but by the looks of those freed citizens in southern Iraq, they look pretty happy to see American and British troops. TASSOS ANASTASIOU, Boston, MA.