‘Not all Americans are alike, so don’t scare us off’

While polls in the United States indicate that a formidable majority support the actions Bush has taken in Iraq, it is important to note that a solid 25 to 30 percent do not. I dare to say that the opposition lies predominantly on the two coasts where its more educated citizens have had more exposure to the outside world. Greeks should not group Americans in one category as the aggressors. There is considerable daily opposition to Bush’s war here that is not being covered by the Greek press. Furthermore, Greeks must realize that the protests and angry actions against American businesses and individuals in Greece are scaring off tourists from all over the world that the Greek travel industry relies on so greatly. As a Greek American who comes to Greece annually, my family has decided, along with most families we know in the area, to stay away this summer. It will be painful for us, as Greece means everything to us. But we cannot risk being taunted, harassed, or even possibly assaulted as we tend to speak English between ourselves. DORIS CHRISTELIS, via e-mail.