People of Greece ‘ingrates all’

I am one of about 3 million Greeks living in the USA who have been appalled by your paper’s vitriolic anti-American stance and by the scenes coming across my TV screen of demonstrating Greeks in Greece against the USA. Ingrates all. I recall as a youngster in Antiparos, Greece, receiving CARE packages from the USA when we were most in need. I recall how I was embraced by Americans when I came to the USA and the great opportunity this land provided me to succeed. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave and it is proving it by going into Iraq to free Iraqis from the most ruthless and murderous dictator this world has ever seen since Hitler and Stalin. It saddens me to read your editorial calling the USA «a murderous state,» because nothing is further from the truth. The USA did not choose to fight terrorists until September 11, 2001 when it was viciously attacked in New York… While I have come to understand why France, Germany and Russia were not willing to enforce Resolution 1441, mainly due to their own economic interests, Greece’s non-support is baffling, since it does not have its own economic interests at stake. The USA has helped Greece repeatedly, yet the Greeks have turned their backs on their best friend. Shame on Greece and all its anti-American people. Most of all, great shame to your leftist, biased newspaper. I am a Greek more proud to be an American than of my Greek heritage which is now stained by the ingrate Greeks turning against the most freedom-loving nation on earth. A. MARINATOS, via e-mail.