Disappointment at ‘biased Greek media’

I have been a regular reader of your editorials and other articles in both Greek and English ever since your esteemed paper released its first Internet edition. Today, I felt the need to express my complete disappointment in even a very basic understanding of the US position and the sense of urgency in destroying the regime of Saddam Hussein and progressively dismantling any possibility of terrorist safe havens [in Iraq] or anywhere else… After 3,000 US and foreign citizens were murdered (including my secretary’s Jewish, I might add, daughter) by Islamo-fascists, the US had declared in no uncertain terms that any threat to its national security would be dealt with in a pre-emptive fashion. While there is nothing especially novel in that doctrine, its determined application has raised eyebrows. I wonder why? Since when have the liberal left forgotten about the suffering of the Iraqi people under the terror regime of Saddam? Why have they forgotten the torture chambers, the attacks on Iran and Kuwait, his undisputed control of chemical and biological weapons, the plight of the Kurds, and worst of all the possibility that that arsenal of terror could fall in the hands of Al Qaeda? Comparisons of the president of the US to international outlaws, the first of which is Saddam, is shameful. I wish to express as a Greek and US citizen my utter contempt for the one-sided – and so easily disputed by facts and the moral obligations of the free nations against dictators – coverage in your paper of the ongoing struggle to liberate Iraq and secure victory over terrorism in all its facets. I strongly support the expression of views of all kind, but your coverage has been lacking voices that would dare contradict the bias of your paper. In all fairness, such bias is not just yours but across the Greek media. DR ANTHONY RODOLAKIS, via e-mail.