Short supply of sense

We are a Mediterranean people, often gripped by emotion and passion. This is a trait that can lead to acts of bravery and greatness. At other times, however, it can also lead to national blindness and an inability to move forward.

There are no easy solutions to the crisis and those who say otherwise are either lying or have chosen to ignore the facts. The issues of Greece?s debt, its deficit and its lack of competitiveness are too important to be discussed flippantly.

Those, meanwhile, who claim that Greece can write off its debt and survive as a state, or who say that there is any chance of recovery without a bailout agreement should be more specific about what their plan entails.

The voices of populism are getting louder and gaining ground, as the government founders and the opposition remains unaware of how poisonous and rotten the coveted fruit of power is. And so common sense and rationality are in short supply.

It really is a shame that we didn?t learn more from the example of Portugal.

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