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Could this be the truth?

There are two categories of people in the world — those that contribute to society and those that contaminate it. Think about it.

There really is no such thing as ?I can?t,? there?s only ?I won?t.? Think about that too.

As a famous psychotherapist — Matthaios Yosofat — once said on national Greek television, ?Greeks are still a very immature people; they still have a lot of growing up to do.?

Everyone has to stop pointing their finger at others, stop the blame game, and start examining how they themselves have contributed to this mess.

There is far too much talk in this country and not enough work or action by too many people. The amount of whinging and complaining that goes on here is truly unbelievable.

No one in this country is stupid or incapable! However, far too many of us have decided to be corrupt, indifferent, selfish, disrespectful to our fellow citizens and money-hungry!

Adults have a duty and responsibility to themselves and those around them to behave in a way that doesn?t create only suffering and hardship for most people.

Of course there are solutions to all problems, but how many of us are actually willing or interested in solving any of these problems?

Isn?t it time we got really honest with ourselves?

Mersini Nicolaidou


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