Banking on failure

Greece needs a good opposition party just as much as it needs a good government. Unfortunately, SYRIZA does not fit the bill. The head of leftist party, Alexis Tsipras, did make an attempt a few months ago at a more realistic stance, though it was a short-lived phase. In the past few weeks, though, he has adopted increasingly extreme positions, which, moreover, he expresses in a very inflammatory manner.

Such a stance does not help Greece. Instead, it puts off potential investors because no one is willing to put their money in a country where the man who may possibly become the next prime minister threatens to overturn every deal made by the present government.

Tsipras is banking on Greece failing to move forward instead of designing a convincing governance program.

The government has certainly made mistakes as well, but everyone, including Tsipras, should wish it success at least on its basic targets.