Get serious without further ado

Greece stands at a very crucial crossroads. The country needs a government with a strong mandate. Instead, it is left with a prime minister who initially seemed to agree with the prospect of a ?unity coalition? — without him in charge of the country — before going on to change his mind.

Papandreou?s backpedaling yesterday lies in the zone of the absurd. No one should be fooling around with the country?s institutions and creating confusion among a tense and worried public.

Papandreou is clearly in no position to rule the debt-choked country anymore. The only solution is the formation — without further ado — of a national unity coalition that will bring together politicians and technocrats of all colors, a new administration that will renegotiate an agreement with Greece?s international creditors and assume the responsibility of carrying it out.

Any further delay will bring the country closer to bankruptcy. The latter would be politically damaging for conservative leader Antonis Samaras but even more so for the country?s prime minister.