Another chance

Greece stood on the brink of bankruptcy again last week; it was saved, again, by the responsibility of those MPs who voted in favor of new austerity measures and by the subsequent decision by Greece?s partners to unlock the next tranche of the massive EU-IMF loan keeping our country afloat.

As usual, the opposition parties were happy to sit back and let the government take the full brunt of the public?s anger at the measures and at the riot squad?s liberal use of tear gas during a violent demonstration in Athens. Patience, however, has worn thin: It is increasingly difficult for government deputies to bear this burden on their own; without political consensus, citizens are afraid and confused about whether there is an alternative to austerity; people in the countries lending us money are amazed by the domestic discord they see here. If there is no consensus by the next loan installment, Greece?s future may be even harder and even less predictable than it appears now.