Anger does not justify violence

In a democratic state, no one has the right to use violence in order to impose his or her point of view or to solve his or her differences with others.

Unfortunately, however, here in Greece we are seeing a very worrying daily increase in the number of incidents involving politicians or other public figures who are being verbally or physically attacked in a completely uncalled-for manner by groups of disgruntled citizens.

Obviously, there are those who believe that such attacks will persuade the European Union and the International Monetary Fund to stop putting pressure on Greece and take the unsavory memorandum with them on their way out of the country.

Rather than achieving any such goal, such acts of violence simply bolster Greece?s international image as a bankrupt and backward country.

However justified the public?s anger may be toward Greece?s politicians and its political system, we cannot allow the country to be ruled by the law of the jungle.