Where are the referees?

People have every right to be angry at the fact that the authorities have so far failed to take action on recent allegations concerning extensive corruption in Greek soccer.

Despite evidence of match fixing in Greece?s top flight, the Super League, as well as the second and third divisions, it seems that neither the government nor the Greek soccer federation (EPO) has the courage to do what it takes to clean up the sport and rid it of such dirty dealings.

EPO seems to be controlled by the murkiest of interests, while the Socialist government has so far only delivered half-measures instead of introducing radical and bold solutions.

As a result, it seems we can only hope that the judiciary will keep up its work and investigate the various cases in depth, without being intimidated by the powerful vested interests.

Purging public life of corruption is a major public demand in this country. Greek soccer would be an excellent starting point for such a campaign.