On Greek debt, education reform, taxi reform, Trichet

Education reform

Quite right! But this time will there be some ‘government’ — or will Ms Diamantopoulou be hung out to dry, while Papandreou keeps silent, and various of her ‘colleagues’ snipe at her on TV etc?

Robert Skailes

Greek sovereignty

I am sorry, if you borrow billions of dollars from other countries, then it is too late to complain when they want it repaid, and you cannot. Greece is in debt, and asking for more! Cap in hand everybody. Down on your knees.

If your expenses are far greater than your income, then you should expect questions to be asked.

But Greece is not alone in this game. Virtually every country in the world is in debt. The money lenders have no trust in the Greeks. Now why is that?

Kelvyn Richards


Private bondholders meet to flesh out Greek debt plan

The global economy is still in a semi-stagnant state, and new definitions are needed for the Greek financial crisis to avoid a default scare that might spook the economic recovery. The new idea, then, by Standard fool me twice, shame on me!”

Fortunately, there are some new definitions created by Standard