Swift action, nothing less

The newly appointed coalition government formed by conservative New Democracy and socialist PASOK must persuade both Greeks and the international community that it is both willing and able to make all the necessary reforms which have been stagnating for a number of years.

The new administration has been injected with new blood, including people who have demonstrated decisiveness in the past.

It is everyone’s hope that this cabinet will succeed and that the country will not enter a fresh period of turbulence, but instead, a period of much-expected growth.

In order to achieve this goal the new coalition government will have to display

decisiveness, as well as the capacity of completely ignoring any political cost that this effort might involve.

At this point in time there are no more excuses or obvious reasons for not implementing the country’s pledged and required reforms.

What Greek citizens are expecting to see now is some rigorous and tangible action taking place very soon.