Deadwood sucking the state dry

Better late than never: The government has finally submitted to Parliament a draft law outlining the closure of a number of state bodies that have no real purpose and that represent nothing more than a drain on already depleted state coffers.

At a time when private sector workers are trembling under the specter of unemployment and watching their salaries and benefits dwindle, it is completely outrageous for the state to continue bankrolling organizations and other bodies that have no clear function and are obviously there simply to accommodate the cronies of certain politicians and civil service executives or to provide nonexistent jobs for real salaries.

Tough as it may be for the government to step on certain toes, it must shut down these redundant services immediately and sack the people who work at them and who cannot be put to better use elsewhere in the public sector.

The private sector is being done a gross injustice in being forced to shoulder the entire burden of unemployment in this country.

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