Re: Zakynthos stabbing

Mr Bozikis is so out of touch. Shame on him for his comments. Does he realy expect us to believe that two boys died because of a foreign problem. The problem lies fully at his own doorstep. Laganas is a lawless place policed by locals. No one deserves to die for an argument or the shining of a laser. Get real Mr. Bozikis and face the facts. You cannot control your own backyard.

Yannis Melvin

I don’t know all the details of this accident in Zakynthos, but it is necessary to know that in Holland last summer we had a very successful television series titled ?Oh, oh, Chersonisos.? It promoted the perverted kind of behaviour you describe. It said go to Greece when you want this kind of fun. Many do go.??¨Another problem is that in Holland among a lot of youngsters «coma drinking? is fun. They drink until they lose consciouness. And many of them end up on the weekend in hospital. Some even die.??¨The only policy that will prevent these kinds of incidents from happening again in Greece is to instruct providers of alcohol to stop doing this when it is clear those youngsters have drunk to much. When applying this policy those providers need an effective backup from the police. Because these youngsters will not always accept this policy.??¨I think it is whishful thinking to expect those youngsters to stop this kind of behaviour when they are away from home.??¨

Hans van der Schaaf??¨??¨

The best way to defuse this situation is for the justice department in Zakynthos to bring the case to court as quickly as possible and not delay it for two or three years as is the norm in Greece. This was a particularly vicious attack against four unarmed young lads, in public view. Obviously the lads were not violent as four against two even if one armed would balance the odds. I don’t think even the residents of Zakynthos need a thug like this loose on their streets.??¨

Ann Baker