Needed: A bit of maturity

The Greek political system continues to persist with old-style partisan ways, even when it comes to dealing with the financial crisis.

Instead of consensus, public opinion sees polarization and trite verbal confrontations. The competition between the main two parties seems like a row over who will get front-row seats for ?The Titanic.?

Unfortunately, Greek politicians are the only ones among the countries in crisis who are unable to work together and to agree on the obvious. If Greece fails to accomplish all that it has pledged and collapses, the idea of which party is leading in the polls or wins the elections will be completely irrelevant.

Whether we like it or not, the country?s fate to a large extent depends on our partners and creditors, who, in turn, expect two things: a government that will promptly implement what it has promised, coupled with a political system that will show maturity and responsibility similar to that of our fellow-European states.