An ugly Greek tradition

Greece is paying a hefty price for a tradition that goes back some 30 years.

According to this tradition, anyone who feels they have a just cause has the right to protest anywhere and anytime that suits them; and in addition, they have the right to violate every piece of legislation without suffering the consequences of their actions.

It happened again yesterday as thousands of taxi drivers protested against government plans to liberalize their trade by blocking roads to Athens International Airport and the port of Piraeus, holding up thousands of tourists.

At a time when the country is struggling to avoid bankruptcy, the tourism industry is providing the economy with that little bit of precious oxygen to keep it alive.

No person or group, even if they do have reasonable arguments on their side, has the right to drag the country into the abyss.

Blocking ports and airports during this crucial period is inflicting huge damage on the country?s image while sending more people to the unemployment line.