Education fails democratization

The governing of Greek universities has been hijacked by political parties and youth party officials over the past 30 years.

The supposed democratization of the country?s higher education institutions degenerated into a patron-client relationship which inevitably took a toll on the standard of education.

As a result, people without any academic or managerial credentials were elected rectors as well as occupying other senior posts.

However, these dubious practices must be consigned to the past. Youth party organizations — and those veteran members of student unions known here as ?foititopateres? — must no longer have a bearing on the election of professors, the university curriculum or the management of higher education institutions in general.

Naturally, those with vested interests who have used this setup for their own advantage will fight against any change to the status quo. However, it would be absurd to maintain a system that has proved a total failure in rewarding merit.