April 12, 1953

MARKEZINIS’S REVALUATION: Yesterday, the second day since the implementation of the government’s new economic measures, the market moved more smoothly and economic life, which had been taken by surprise, returned to its normal rhythm. Banks, which had remained closed on the first day, were open for business as usual. There were minimal withdrawals from bank accounts – within the usual margins – as deposits were made in savings and other accounts. There was brisk trade in foreign exchange at the Bank of Greece, the National Bank and in others, so that banks were forced to boost these departments(…). BYZANTINE CONFERENCE: The Ninth Conference of Byzantine Scholars began in Thessaloniki today and will run until April 20. (…)The chairman of the conference is Professor Stilpon Kyriakidis of the University of Thessaloniki, and its general secretary is Professor P. Zeppos. Coordinator of the conference sessions will be Honorary Professor Socrates Kougeas, of Athens University, who is also current president of the Academy. OLYMPIAKOS – PAO 2-0: Yesterday afternoon (April 10) the second game of the Easter Cup was played at the Panathinaikos stadium before a crowd of about 10,000 fans, and with the Italian referee Mr Benardi. The game was won by Olympiakos, which defeated Panathianikos 2-0. The goals were scored by Mouratis and Kotridis.