The press will not be intimidated

The rapid increase in the frequency of violent and often dangerous attacks against news media organizations by various labor union groups and other extremist elements, who are protesting every attempt to criticize or curtail their perks and privileges, is cause for grave concern.

Such tactics can only be described as fascist, as they are aimed at gagging the press and instilling fear in anyone who dares to voice their disagreement with a specific group and its agenda.

They will not have their way.

Democracy was built in this country with much effort and sacrifice, and it will not be toppled by a bunch of thugs from yesteryear, nor by unscrupulous unionists who, what?s more, are involved in the inner workings of New Democracy and other political parties across the left-right spectrum.

The Socialist government of George Papandreou, however, also bears a large part of the blame for such phenomena, as the Citizens? Protection Ministry now resembles more of a lawlessness tolerance ministry.