On why Greeks aren’t making babies

Feminism, communism, multiculturalism…

George Bouas, Melbourne

For over 20 years, I and am sure many other Greeks have been arguing that our ageing population and low birth rate are reaching levels of serious consideration.

It is not enough that our economic and social services have collapsed through an ineffective economy and government apparatus, and a lack of free market enterprise, but unless we redress the demographic issue we will only accelerate our decline into the abyss.

Further, we will not be in a position to meet the growing demands and threats of a resurgent, prosperous and large Turkey and our reliance on the EU will only quicken the loss of further sovereignty.

I was in Greece last year and was amazed to see so many one-child families. It was also frightening to see so many Muslim illegal immigrants, who, from a social and economic perspective, do not add or enhance our economic, cultural and social productivity. Do I need remind everyone that it took us 500 years to throw off the Islamic yoke.

What was most terrifying was that there are reports of at least 350,000 abortions per year in Greece. Australia has 24 million people and there are only 80,000 abortions. Since when has abortion stopped being an issue of health and safety and of women’s health and become a form of birth control.

Before I am called a fascist and a chauvinist (which I am not and resent) for speaking out against the issues that our population decline raises, might I suggest some comments for thought  in order to arrest our demographic, social and economic decline:

1. Encourage diaspora Greeks to return with tax effective resettlement programs similar to what Turkey and Israel have;

2. Encourage immigration from countries and communities with similar cultural and religious values as our own, e.g. Orthodox minorities in Muslim lands, such as Lebanese Christians, Egyptian Copts and Christians in India and Pakistan

3. Learn from countries like Australia, France and Canada, who have baby bonus and parental payment schemes and part-time work at home options for women so that families can have three or four children

4. Learn from Israel with regard to affordable and state-of-the-art IVF technology.

James Babalis

The reality is that the abortion rate in Greece is so high — in fact according to statistics Greece holds the highest rate in Europe. Some young women have more than there and therefore cause problems when trying to have a baby in the future. Hence Greece’s high use of IVF (and lack of live births).

I find the amount of abortions greatly alarming especially in a God-fearing country like Greece.

Children need to be better educated at school and at home on sex education.

Jane Crow

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