On people power, Greece’s Muslims and solidarity with UK rioters

I hope the Greek people will inform all politicians that their game is over. And that the people will be back in power again.

This deficit and all that came along with it is a shame for any quality of democracy.

Stop it now or this perversion will never be over.

And then you are responsible!

Hans van der Schaaf

Ramadan in Greece

Your article claims that there are an estimated 1 million Muslims in Greece. This is incorrect. The official Muslim population for all of Greece is 320,000. According to the US state department on religious affairs, in 2010 the Muslim population of Athens was estimated at 200,000, and then there is the Muslim minority in Thrace, which has 120,000.

Muslim groups are exaggerating their numbers in order to get a mosque. Most of Athens’s Muslims are illegals.

George Salamouras

Re: Indignants

I cannot believe any person in Greece in their normal mind would march to support the rioters in Britain. The people who took to the streets of the UK are no more than thieves and vandals destroying private shops, setting fire to shops and peoples homes, destroying their livelihood.

This was not a march against austerity or the government but organized theft and destruction by mindless, gutless individuals.

Haydn Ebbs

Re: Indignants

How can a responsible newspaper report that the waves of violence were caused by the police shooting of a man in London.

Firstly, check your facts as this man was a known criminal and then explain the logic of your thinking. These are the same children as we have here in Greece that have been raised without any discipline or learnt any respect for the law or their country. I am quite disgusted when young men have been killed, beaten, properties and homes burnt and shops looted. If you had even bothered to listen to the interviews you would have heard their comments on how it was ?a bit of fun,? ?showed we could do what we liked.?

This type of reporting is opening the door for similar behavior here.

Ann Baker