On ‘The dangerous side of the USA’

I was amazed to read how little is known about the US and its Constitution. To have been born in the cradle of Democracy and advocate that an ideal nation is one governed by elites shows how far from a democracy the Greek psyche has drifted. What is really described in this article is a desire for the US to be governed by elites and to become an aristocracy.

The US has been governed since its beginning by a constitution with the rule of law and a balance of power. Can the same be said for Greece? How many governments has she had? The only danger I can see for America is that she follows your instruction and becomes like Greece, which is an example of being governed by brilliant elites.

The Declaration of Independence states that ?all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness –That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.?

Is this all nonsense and just a few elites run the show? That is what your article seems to imply. Somehow, it seems people outside of the United States think they know best about its people and politics.

If the US has ?come out on top because it has elected its first African American president,? then why all the fear? That may be a comfort to you, but it has not been for the majority of the citizens here. I have heard much more hatred and meanness coming from the left than I have heard from those on the right. There will always be those on the extremes, both left and right, however your article was one-sided and chose to indicate that those ordinary citizens who may, god forbid, be religious, belong to one of the extremes.

Barbara Inglessis

New Jersey

This article is so spot on with what is happening in US politics. Fortunately America is catching on and the Tea Party is being exposed for what it is.

Jim Karidis

Mr. Papachelas is worried that religious Americans (read Tea Party) will have more power in the USA in the near future? Well, why not look closer to home, where in Greece there is no separation of church and state, the religious men (priests) even are paid from the taxpayers of Greece as government servants. I think America is a long way from that.

Oliver Queen

The drama that exists in Greece is the exact reason why I am a member of the Tea Party movement. I for one would love to avoid the chaos which has plagued Greece stemming from too much debt and too much government. The lesson Greece should learn is that government cannot provide anything because it does not produce anything. Taking money from one group, either in the form of taxes or borrowing from the future, to give to another group does not work. Greece may fancy itself the cradle of democracy but it must also realize it is also the coffin of democracy. The so called «progressive» movement is nothing more than socialism, period, end of story. America is not a socialist country and we reject its immorality. Any government which is big enough to give you everything you need is also big enough to take away everything you have. I would rather hold on to my guns and my Bible than embrace the failure of a system enjoyed by the Greek people.

Steven Romagnolo

The USA is not ?progressive? led by NY and San Francisco. We are a whole country, and vote that way. We are center-right, not center left-progressive — as you quote in your article. More presidents have been conservatives, not democrats, as you would suggest.

Progressive liberalism doesn’t work in the end; there isn’t enough money for this.

People here do realize you are responsible for your own future, and do not give that up to «progressive» governments like in Europe.

We are tired of raising taxes as the solution to «progressive? overspending. We have reached a point in this country that you can’t solve «progressive» and liberal wants with more and more money to more and more places, and the bill being put on our and our children’s backs.

No, we want responsibility, and our times have woken up our sleeping giant, which is the conscience of this center-right population.

Nick Dogsman


The article entitled «The dangerous side of the USA» is one of the most ignorant, one-sided pieces I have ever read. The author’s knowledge of America’s sociopolitical past is limited to a socialist ideological perception. The idea that America is run by elites inhabiting the two coasts is idiotic. The cultures of west and east often clash and the thought that they have however, managed to function together so as to quiet all of middle America is fictitious.

How can one write on a nation they know so little about and how could a publication print that garbage? How could they forget to mention the political machine running out of Chicago, the greatest midwest city? America’s greatness was not realized after the end of World War II but was gained from its Declaration of Independence.

The author’s insistence on vilifying the Bible should also be examined by recognizing that it was Bible-wielding Americans that sought to bring equality to all in a nation that was still gripped by slavery and used the Bible as a source of morality against this injustice.

Bobby Zachas