PASOK’s dangerous stalling

The government is showing serious signs of sluggishness. At a time when it should be announcing drastic decisions and planning for the merger of different state bodies, cutbacks in spending and privatizations, George Papandreou and his ministers are busy speculating about whether or not we should be having referendums and are constantly putting off making the important decisions.

The data already show that government spending just keeps rising and that the country will by no means meet the targets agreed upon with its creditors under the current conditions.

To make matters worse, there are many within the ruling PASOK party who are arguing that national elections may provide the country with the way out it needs. This is not true for the country, though, although it would be for those who feel that they?re not up to the task at hand.

Their lack of spirit and overall inadequacy should not be paid for by the country and its citizens. If the premier and his ministers lead the country to destruction because of their cowardice, the burden will be on them, and their failure will go down in history.