Open the doors to education

The reforms introduced by the government?s new university bill are in the right direction, and the fact that opposition party New Democracy is in favor of a number of these reforms is another positive step.

However, university rectors elected in a give-and-take process through political parties, unionists and party affiliated student unions are strongly opposed to these changes, with a number of them going as far as to threaten that universities and technical colleges (TEI) will not open come fall.

The time has come for them to realize that universities are not their property. These institutions were paid for by taxpayers who want to see their children attend serious institutions that are free of party-affiliated student bodies and overall mediocrity.

One can only hope that the vast majority of university students who wish to learn and complete their studies in good time will put up an equally dynamic fight for universities to open, because, clearly, there is no such thing as an educational system with closed doors.