Finally, playing by the rules

Soccer has become a major playing field of graft and fraud in this country.

Corrupt officials from clubs and associations, who have always managed to elude justice, and local authorities with a finger in the pie have prevailed up to now.

To add to it all, it is these officials are teaching the younger generation the art of match fixing, not to mention blackmail against anyone who dares to stand in their way.

The time has come, however, for the world of Greek soccer to be rebuilt on healthy foundations, even if this change brings great displeasure to a large number of organized soccer fan clubs.

The vast majority of public opinion has now come to realize the range and depth of the decay that has come to define the sport in this country.

This is why the general public is willing to support either the government or the Greek justice system, or any other authority for that matter, that will have the strength to bring the era of corruption and extortion to an end.