Consensus: Better late than never

Wednesday?s statement of consensus over the university reform bill between the three biggest middle class parties (PASOK, New Democracy and LAOS) is a historic occasion that should not be the exception, but the rule of Greek political life.

Changing the way the Greek education system works is vital to the future of this country and the effort should not be sacrificed on the altar of partisan politics, or for the interests of political parties and their youth organizations within universities.

The way the prime minister, the education minister, the head of New Democracy and other members of the conservative party who had championed consensus all along handled the issue, gives hope for the future of the overall reform drive.

It appears that our politicians have finally realized that the country has too many problems and too little time in which to solve them, and that consensus and maturity are the only way to go.

Hopefully, this stance will continue when it comes to other critical areas targeted for reform as well.