Good omen for tourism

Judging by initial figures released thus far, the Greek tourism sector has done particularly well this year.

This is by all means exceptionally good news, the kind of news that the country is in desperate need of if it is to exit the narrow road it currently finds itself riding along.

What the country needs to do is to learn to trust those hard-working Greeks, the people who know how to compete on the international arena, the professionals who operate with high standards of quality.

Believing in its own people will not suffice, however.

This is because the state has to stop throwing in its own hurdles. When the out-of-date, ridiculous restrictions on the cruise ship sector are abolished, for instance, tourism figures will rise and so will revenues.

The country will succeed if we allow Greeks to develop their abilities, and when we see our politicians contributing to this end as well, instead of bowing to the ludicrous demands of a number of hardcore unions.