Time to reach a decision

The government appears to have come to a standstill. Plans for an across-the-board pay structure in the civil service have frozen, the so-called closed professions do not seem to be opening up anytime soon and not a single employee working in a state-owned company that is being abolished has been put on labor standby.

All of the above measures have been agreed to by the government and ratified by Parliament.

If the government feels that it does not have the kind of stamina and strength it takes to implement its own decisions, it ought to decide swiftly in order for some kind of solution to be found, either in the form of a coalition government or by calling elections.

Maintaining this paralysis is not an option, because both the patience and endurance of our partners and creditors are being put to the test, to an extreme degree, and at one point they will snap.

This is especially true at a time when harsh measures, with the consensus of major parties, are being decided in countries such as Portugal.