ND must rise to the occasion

At this difficult moment, Greece needs a good and responsible opposition as much as it needs a good and responsible government.

Times have changed. Voters expect to hear pragmatic and concrete proposals and solutions to the colossal problems facing this debt-wrecked nation.

However, the New Democracy conservatives of Antonis Samaras have yet to explain what steps they would take to curb the mammoth deficit if they were in government. All we get is talk about ?rebooting the economy? — which is no less fuzzy than Prime Minister George Papandreou?s earlier promises of ?green growth.?

Greece?s conservative party should be able to claim a solid group of technocrats that can carry out a realistic policy program. It goes without saying that a party like New Democracy should have no ties to unionist leaders who employ extremist rhetoric and endorse violent tactics.

Instead of playing hostage to radical and populist groups, ND must give us more of its responsible, consensual policy displayed during the passing of the law on education reform.