Paying for a lack of direction

Greece?s taxpayers have over the past months shown remarkable maturity and patience. In spite of the growing list of demands from the government, they sense that the nation is in a state of emergency and that they must shoulder a share of the burden.

That said, their patience is running out as they realize that the ruling officials have failed to rise to the occasion. They have no clear plan and they seem to be making things up as they go along.

Economic planners obviously knew that they would have to take some measures to make up for the missing revenue from the fiscal reform program. Even if they hoped that Greece?s foreign lenders would at some point relax their demands, they still had to come up with a Plan B. Instead, Socialist officials came up with more brutal measures in the course of a few days.

This borders on the ridiculous. The government is losing support even among those who want to see a financially sound, modernized state but cannot stand the ineptitude and amateurism.