On reforms, the Palestinian case, protests, Cyprus

Money transfers for foreign property owners

Annika Brevaris must have been given some wrong numbers. The money transfer that has to be justified is less than 20 euros per square meter for a modest lifestyle with a minimum of 5,000/annum for a couple.

This is not to punish foreigners; it’s to incite those who are not declaring money earned in Greece to do so. And that is after all what everyone would like to see.

The foreigner can even afford the luxury of taking the money not spent in Greece home.

Coryn Hague



The problem with state-provided pensions is that those who pay for their pension right now pay for those who get this pension right now. The perception that you did build up some private capital when paying for your pension is understandable, but in its essence wrong: Your children do pay your pension when you get it. So, complaining about what they do with your pension money right now has no use: it?s already spent.

Your description of today?s cutbacks is correct and reflects today?s state-of-the-art financial management of your country.

Hans van der Schaaf

Re: Demonization of the public sector

That’s all very true, however, the fact remains that as a self-employed man, my taxes and social contributions are being used to pay for these same civil servants’ salaries and pensions.

I don’t care how they got their jobs or at what age they retire; these people may be victims of the system but that is not my fault and it is not my problem and I fail to understand why I should continue to pay for them.

Add to this their sheer incompetence, ignorance and appalling attitude and the situation becomes intolerable.

Frangiskos Trataris


The only way to stop Israeli expansion in its tracks is to make an assertive mood. This cannot be military, but diplomatic, and the Palestinians are wrong footing all their antagonists by so doing.

Bravo to them.

Peter Watkins

Blocking the troika?s admission

It doesn?t seem like a smart thing to block the folks that are holding the purse strings to Greece’s economic survival.

Richard Smith

If the protesters block the meeting, that?s OK

The troika members should leave immediately.

It seems Greece does not need help, and that means I can save my money here in Frankfurt, Germany.

Wolfgang Rieckert

Turkish violation of Cyprus?s EEZ

In accord with President Obama’s recent address to the UN, the US should support lawful agreements that exist between the democratic Republic of Cyprus and Israel, Lebanon and Egypt to explore and drill in exclusive seabed economic zones off the east and south coasts of Cyprus.

Houston-based Noble Energy is licensed by the Republic of Cyprus to drill for gas and oil from its Aphrodite platform located 115 miles south of the port of Limassol, and well inside the republic’s exclusive economic zone.

Turkey’s threats of warship incursions into this exclusive economic zone endanger ongoing legitimate US commercial interests, and is further evidence that the tyrannical Muslim regime of Prime Minister Erdogan is unfit for accession into the European Union.

Ed Kanne