April 18, 1953

DEREGULATION OF IMPORTS: The Council for Foreign Trade met yesterday afternoon, chaired by the trade minister, Mr Kapsalis, and decided to deregulate all imports. According to the decision, as of today, April 18, all goods, with certain exceptions, will be freely imported without any restrictions as to quantity or quality. The exceptions are: reptile skins, precious stones, knives, jewels, perfumes, fabrics and other goods made of pure silk as well as passenger cars worth more than $1,800, among other things. MOVE BY KARTALIS: A number of former senior members of the centrist EPEK, who had formerly left the party, met at the home of Georgios Kartalis yesterday. (…) After the meeting, they issued the following statement: «(…) Members of EPEK who disagreed with the leadership of the party [headed by Nikolaos Plastiras] met yesterday and observed the absence of any real organized opposition on the part of the parties of the center, and the pressing need to create a broad political movement (…). They decided to set up a committee to establish contacts with all progressive elements in order to implement the above moves.» EISENHOWER: Yesterday’s speech by US President Dwight Eisenhower was the greatest and most serious attempt made so far by the West to form a compromise with the USSR, and to work to coexist.