Shutting the gates of hell

The tragic events that unfolded in Syntagma Square on Thursday and led to the death of one of our compatriots illustrate just how crucial it is that the gates of hell do not open any further.

Greece is in the grips a major crisis and it must come out of it on its feet, standing tall. Blind hatred, violence, threats and verbal attacks will lead, with mathematical certainty, to the collapse of the country and to the prevalence of chaos and the rule of gangs of thugs.

Every political force in the country, irrespectively of its affiliations and ideology, must immediately denounce all the voices that scream of lynchings, betrayals and armed uprisings, pushing the people to the brink of a serious insurrection.

Those who make these calls, either because they are promoting their own personal interests or because it will bring them political gains, are dangerous and foolish.

No one can ultimately gain anything from a state of intolerance, chaos and mob madness. The only thing this attitude achieves is to further erode the country and make it even more powerless at a time when it is crucial that it stands strong.