April 19, 1953

REHABILITATION OF REBELS: The leader of the Liberals, Mr Sophocles Venizelos, yesterday made the following statements: «Three days have passed and the (Papagos) government has still not given an answer as to why the insurgents in the IDEA movement have been rehabilitated. It is clear that having realized its guilt in restoring to posts in the armed forces officers who had taken up arms against the legal government, it is not possible for it to give any reply as it has absolutely no excuse for making that particular decision. (…)» The national defense minister, Mr Panayiotis Kanellopoulos, commented as follows on Mr Venizelos’s statements: «In Parliament, there are Liberal deputies and Mr Venizelos can instruct one of them to table a question regarding the accusations that he has made in the press and which have taken up so many newspaper columns. Only then, from Parliament, will the answer requested by Mr Venizelos be given.» SKALKOTTAS: Tomorrow at 7 p.m. in the American Information Service hall, the final performance of this year’s concert series of works by Greek composer Nikos Skalkottas will be given (…). Yiannis Papaioannou will be playing the piano, Mr D. Pavlis the bassoon, Mrs N. Evelpidou the piano. The singer is Mrs Loukia Heva.