Putting the nation first

When faced with crucial questions, one must be honest and responsible.

Is there a different path that can be taken than last week?s Brussels agreement that provides for a haircut on Greece?s debt and more economic aid under specific conditions?

The answers is no. Is Prime Minister George Papandreou and his socialist administration still in a position to govern? The answer is no. The socialist administration is obviously tired and has proved to be incompetent. Also, it is faced with a burgeoning wave of popular frustration.

As a result, the country is in urgent need of a solution that would allow it to remain in the euro area, for public anger to be vented, and for the collapse of the state to be averted.

Is that also impossible? The answer is no, provided that everybody puts their personal interest aside ? at least for a few months. That goes first for Mr Papandreou who yesterday appeared to be putting his political ambitions before the survival of the nation.