Re: ‘Our small role in a changing world’ — Who presents both sides of the argument?

To believe Dr M. Chionis (Letters, Apr. 15) has the audacity to call the Greek press one-sided and then claim that «the greatness of the American press is that… one can find both (left and right) points of view in the same papers» is incomprehensible and inexcusable. Much to the contrary. The American press claims to present both sides of the argument, but it is both sides of an argument that has already dismissed or won’t tolerate an entirely relevantviewpoint… Yes, there is debate among the media in the USA, but the independent/alternative point of view seems to get lost in the wilderness of its mass media jungle. I praise Kathimerini for being that independent/alternative point of view. I may not agree with everything this paper chooses to publish (but) I praise it’s writers for presenting the other side of the story. Without Kathimerini, I would not have realized it is not just ethnic Albanians who have died in Kosovo, but there is also a persecuted Serbian population. However, this is another debate. Thank you Kathimerini for opening up that debate. E.A. SAMOGLOU, Toronto.