Re: ‘Attacking the News’ — American journalists were killed, too

I share your outrage [«Attacking the News,» April 9] over the attack on the Palestine Hotel, as well as the deadly attack on the Al Jazeera office. But interestingly enough, you did not mention the many American journalists that have died so far in the conflict. That fact would weaken the case that you are trying to make – of US forces specifically targeting the press. Also, why would the Bush administration go to great lengths to court Al Jazeera and its 45-million Arab audience since September 11, 2001 and order the bombing of the Al Jazeera office as you implied? Why does Al Jazeera have a first-row seat at the Centcom briefings in Doha, Qatar? Because it is of great value to the Bush administration. I was also put off by your remark that «the Americans opened fire on a convoy in which the Russian ambassador and embassy officials were leaving Baghdad.» What proof do you have that the Americans specifically targeted the Russians and can you share it with your readers? Many news outlets have reported that the Russian convoy was caught in crossfire between the two opposing forces. GREGORY COLE, New York.