Greece let down again

There is tremendous disappointment, both within and outside of Greece, regarding George Papandreou and Antonis Samaras?s inability to agree on the formation of a serious government. Both men are at the helm of two parties which have held power and positions of responsibility. They should not be destroying the hopes of a country wishing to see a strong government of national unity which will handle a major crisis that is threatening to eject Greece from the eurozone.

Besides, the international community is expecting a message of genuine understanding and unity from Athens, not a trick or fig leaf just to get our hands on the money.

A strong government with clear political support could lead to positive results in the crucial negotiations that lie ahead. This indescribable display of non-communication and weak interim government at such a decisive moment in time is humiliating the country and its institutions and represents an underestimation of the grave dangers as well as the people?s expectations. What a pity.