Going against the insanity

We need to solve a fundamental problem in a minimum amount of time. We are a small country with very few people capable of handling the current crisis. These belong to the center-left and the center-right, they carry their weight abroad, have technocratic knowledge and have kept away from local vested interests. So where?s the problem? These people, such as Tassos Giannitsis and Stefanos Manos, among others, have been taunted and painted as callous, neoliberal, treacherous caricatures by master populists and the country?s TV democracy. Professional politicians make fun of them and that?s understandable. Where will politicians and party foot soldiers find work if the people realize that there are technocrats out there who know what they are talking about? For so many years now our television screens have been dominated by unionists, hysterical politicians, insane people masquerading as experts and so on. I realize these people increase the ratings but look at the state of this country right now.

There are those who claim today that even the best of technocrats would have absolutely no legitimacy. I agree. How are they supposed to acquire legitimacy when no one knows who they are, a huge amount of venom runs in our veins and minds and irrational voices and hysterical ignorance reign supreme?

This sad state of affairs has another side to it. It?s only a matter of time before serious people refuse to get involved in the country?s management or public dialogue altogether. Why should any decent human tolerate being treated badly by brainless people, dragged through the mud and called a collaborator, spy, tax evader and the likes? Today?s ruling media system would no doubt blackmail Eleftherios Venizelos over illegal property in Theriso.

The only way for this country to be led to salvation is for serious political powers to come together and go against this climate of division, which is misleading, incites fanaticism and is pushing the country to the brink of disaster. No one should foster the illusion that they can use this bigoted monster and then tame it once they rise to power, because the monster is voracious and bites when not fed adequately.

In this final hour public opinion must be persuaded of the need for common sense, realistic national interest and responsible powers to go against the insanity. And then those who are capable should close their ears and maybe their eyes, and go for it. It?s not easy and time is running out. There is too much venom running in the minds and hearts of Greeks and the antidote of common sense and pragmatism takes time and requires inspiring leadership if it is to work.