Indignant with good reason

Greece?s politicians Wednesday angered the entire nation. The country is sinking and all they care about is the interests of their parties, their personal ambitions and traditional rivalries.

At the same time, it?s encouraging to see healthy and influential forces making an appearance on the domestic political scene — who are expressing common sense and the need to come to terms and make use of people with knowledge and ethos in order to solve the country?s problems.

These forces, to be found across Greece?s political spectrum, at the very last minute Wednesday stopped the political system from committing suicide.

Today however is the most crucial day. George Papandreou and Antonis Samaras ought to agree on a reliable solution — and not some weak personality that they will be able to manipulate.

The patience of the Greek people, who have over the past couple of years shown an unprecedented degree of maturity and responsibility, has run out. They have every right to be angry.