April 21, 1953

MARKET POLICE: The chief of police, Mr Tsaousis, has ordered special squads of market police to be set up at every police station in his area of jurisdiction. The task of the members of these special police teams will be to support the work of market inspectors and to check on shops in the various districts for any cases of profiteering or the hoarding of goods. RELATIONS WITH EASTERN BLOC COUNTRIES: The Athens Chamber of Trade and Industry has authorized Greece’s permanent representative in Geneva, Mr Hadzivasileiou, to negotiate a trade agreement between the Athens and Budapest chambers of commerce, as well as with their counterparts in other countries of the Eastern alliance, similar to the one already reached with the Warsaw chamber. GREEK SHIPPING: New York, 13 – An announcement signed by lawyers representing Greek shipowners has been published in the American press in which they emphasize the inaccuracy of the impression created among the American people that shipowners of Greek origin were transporting goods to communist China. SKALKOTTAS: Tomorrow at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of the American Information Service, the final performance of this year’s concert series of works by Greek composer Nikos Skalkottas will be given (…). Mr Y. Papaioannou and Mrs N. Evelpidou will play the piano, Mr D. Pavlis the bassoon, and Mrs Koukia Heva will sing.