Reason comes out on top

Entrusting the formation of a national unity government to Lucas Papademos was a pivotal and responsible act on the part of the country?s political leaders, even if the decision was reached at the very last minute.

Split between the interests of so-called ?deep PASOK? and those of the country, George Papandreou eventually chose the latter and did the right thing. Meanwhile, Antonis Samaras dared to go against the will of a number of his more extreme followers, but at the same time reaffirmed that New Democracy is the middle-class, center-right alternative solution for governing the country.

What is important in this case is the defeat of party mechanisms on both sides, mechanisms which up to the very last moment tried to press for an exceedingly average solution for the premiership, disregarding the gravity of the situation, the international challenges and, most importantly, the people?s wrath.

The choice of Papademos is above all due to Greek society, but also to the brave politicians, who, irrespective of their party affiliation, for once placed the interest of the country above their own and that of their parties.