Partisan politics prevail

Greeks breathed a huge sigh of relief when they heard that Lucas Papademos would be taking over as prime minister. They felt that here is a decent and capable man to represent the country abroad. The people felt that he was imposing a solution on the country?s problems that was above and beyond its sickly partisan politics. The goal of national consensus was achieved between the political parties, and this in itself is a historical achievement.

However, the nation was in for more disappointment Friday when it saw an overinflated cabinet with politicians in posts where they are not needed and with only a handful of appointees who are not major political players. Maybe the political leadership, and especially PASOK?s old guard, has failed to comprehend the rage of the people and is insisting on retaining its grip on power. This stance, however, is a threat to the entire idea and structure of national consensus.

Papademos obviously did not form his own government; it was imposed upon him. But the entire endeavor needs to be safeguarded because the country may not get another opportunity to put things right.