April 23, 1953

GREEK PRISONERS OF WAR: New York, 22 – The Soviet Union, Poland and Czechoslovakia, in a reply to the chairman of the UN General Assembly, who had communicated to them an assembly resolution calling for the repatriation of all Greek soldiers taken prisoner during the war against the rebels in Greece, some of whom are still being held in countries in Eastern Europe, are once more claiming that these are «political refugees fearing reprisals if they return to Greece.» It is expected that Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania will make the same claim regarding their Greek prisoners. PLASTIRAS TO PAPAGOS: The leader of the EPEK party, General Nikolaos Plastiras, visited the prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, yesterday afternoon at his political bureau. According to an announcement, the visit was to reciprocate a visit made by Papagos to Plastiras during the latter’s illness. ‘BACCARAT EMPEROR’: Lausanne, 22 – The wealthy Greek gambler Nikolaos Zografos died last week at the age of 67 and was buried here. Zografos had been known as the «emperor of baccarat.» His reputation and the fortune he amassed were chiefly acquired in Paris. FAIRY TALE: This afternoon at the Kyveli Theater there will be a repeat performance of the theatrical fairy tale «Unlucky Man, Lucky Woman» with Ellie Lambeti and Dimitris Horn.