April 24, 1953

CYPRUS AND WORKERS: A serious incident took place yesterday at the National Labor Conference. As the general secreary of the Cyprus Labor Confederation, Mr M. Pissas, was approaching the podium to speak, the labor adviser to the British Embassy, Mr Hampton, got up and ostentatiously left the hall, causing a stir among the participants and the foreign unionists present. (…) The general secretary of the General Confederation of Greek Workers, Mr Fotis Makris, then took the floor and made the following statement: «Cyprus is and will be Greek!» [For some time afterward the hall rocked to the cries of «Enosis, Enosis» («Union with Greece»).] Pissas’s speech and the outbursts in support of Cyprus also annoyed the Turkish workers’ representative, Mr Ismail Inan, who reportedly declared his intention of even leaving Greece. PLASTIRAS TO PAPAGOS: Leader of the EPEK party General Nikolaos Plastiras visited the prime minister, Field Marshall Alexandros Papagos, yesterday afternoon. According to an announcement, the visit was in reciprocation for a visit made by Papagos to Plastiras during the latter’s illness VASSOS MATHIOPOULOS: London, 23 – According to a telegram from Bonn, the Greek correspondent Mr Vassos Mathiopoulos and two Greek students last night gave a lively lecture lauding contemporary Greece. The two students were Messrs Georgios Antonopoulos and Georgios Schinas, both from Athens.